Unique Ways to Vary the Taste of Nachos

Nachos are a popular favorite for parties, get-togethers or for an evening meal. Traditional nachos are always a good options, but if you are tired of the same ingredients, why not go for something a little more unusual or creative? There are many ways you can add a creative touch or spice up nachos. From […]

Wine Making Guides how to Make Blackberry Wine

Mother Nature is very generous, every autumn the brambles are heavy with juicy blackberries. These blackberries are perfect for making a deep and full bodied blackberry wine; so a day out in the country, armed with buckets as you forage and collect the berries from the brambles, will lead to a few scratches on the […]

Recpies Sweet Potato French Fries

Sweet Potato French Fries Looking for a change of pace for your family menu? Here’s a great dish that will make sure you get rave reviews! Ingredients:peeled Sweet PotatoesOil for deep fryingKosher Salt to tastechoice of Powdered Sugar or Gravy In a deep fat fryer, heat oil to 375 degrees. While oil is heating up, […]

Green Smoothie

While a kale and spinach smoothie sounds horrific to some, it’s quite good.  Raw kale and raw spinach are good items to add to your diet.  Kale and spinach both have a good amount of vitamin A and C and fiber.  Don’t be leery of the raw kale.  It’s not bitter the way it is […]

Homemade Blackberry Wine Recipe

  People have been making and enjoying wine for thousands of years, and while grape wine has become the most popular form of wine, it is possible to make it from almost any fruit or vegetable. Hardly any summer joy beats the taste of blackberries, whether you pick them straight off of the bush and eat them, or create […]

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumbers might seem rather dull, and a cucumber sandwich about the blandest one you can imagine, but this does not have to be so.  There are several genuinely delicious cucumber based sandwiches you can make.  The thing to remember is that your main ingredient is nice and crunchy but doesn’t taste of much so you […]

Recipes with Berries

Berries are widely popular especially during the hot months of summer. With the huge variety that one can find, you can create many quick and easy recipes featuring one type of berry or another. These three recipes that I am going to give you will take you less than 30 minuets each to create scrumptious […]

Vegetarian Recipes

SPECIAL CAULIFLOWER CHEESE INGREDIENTS (serves 3 to 4 people) 1 bag thawed frozen cauliflower florets (recipe works much better with thawed/frozen cauliflower than fresh) 6oz very strong cheddar (or similar) cheese, grated 2oz wholemeal flour (recipe is much nicer with wholemeal flour, than white) 1oz butter or margarine 4 fluid oz milk mixed with 4 […]

Potato Shrimp Ginger Garliccurry Leaves Paratha Chapatti

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables. No matter how one cooks them, the potato always tastes good. In India where vegetarianism is more prominent, there are umpteen ways to prepare potatoes. Be it curried and spicy or plain fried, stuffed in a paratha or made into patties. Potatoes can be added to meat […]

Berry Recipes

Did you know berries are high antioxidants? They have the ability to clear acne, promote weight loss, and cleanse your body of toxins. In fact, adding berries to your daily diet is simple. I am going to share with you three of my favorite, simple, and tasty berry recipes. Low Fat Blueberry Muffins Ingredients: 1 […]